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एक थीसिस चाँद पर

आज मैंने बरसो बाद रात के आसमान में, काले सलेटी बादलों के  मेले में छिपते छिपाते चाँद को देखा।  एक सफ़ेद मोती, चांदनी का थाल, आसमान की चादर पर टंका रेशम का ...
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आदमी और कहानी

इस दुनिया का हर आदमी एक कहानी है।  उसका बोलना, चलना, रहना,  व्यव्हार, जीवन सब कुछ एक लम्बी ऊबा देने वाली कहानी है जिसके प्लाट और थीम को हर समय प्रेडिक्ट क...
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Sound of Soul : A Bose Story

Year 2045Eyes closed, head laid back on my fluffy pillow, slipped inside the warm quilt made of Jaipur cotton and that ethereal music of water fall was slowly murmuring in my ears.  I was resting on my bed, totally at peace, the lights and the temperature of the room was just perfect to soothe my tired nerves.  The next track was again a musical  piece, rain drops falling on a lake....
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Song of A Phoenix

My Dear Little Girl,How are you ? It has been a long time since we have spoken to each other.  It has been more than ten long years of that December morning, a whole decade !!! when we made a promise to ourselves. I know, how much you exactly  remember every thing about that cold yet sunny morning. Right now, when I am writing this letter to you, I know, you are going through a tough pha...
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The Iron Story via Salad Bypass

"First get a  complete CBC ( Complete Blood Count) test ". Dr. Parihar was looking irritated."Is that all ??? I am having chest pain, gastritis trouble  has reached new levels and as I have already mentioned about my short breathing problem and dizziness and nausea .." I was also irritated."look madam, first get me the result of blood test and then I will prescribe any medicine or furthe...
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Sindhi Sai Bhaji with Methi Parantha : An Iron Saga

The color of blood, the color of life, the color of energy... Red. How iron deficiency can create troubles for us ?  Ever thought about it or faced it ? Most people think that it is just a matter of malnutrition and not eating properly. Is that all fuzz ??? No, the answer is a clear No. It is not that simple. If our body is going through an iron deficiency problem, then first we nee...
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अथ प्रतीक कथा ---- दूसरा वर्शन

अपने दोनों हथेलियों  पर अपना सर टिकाये, कोहनियां मेज़ पर  चिपकी हुई ,  प्रतीक  शायद आराम कर रहा है।  पास में परदे के पीछे से एक रसोइया कभी कभी इधर दु...
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प्रतीक : एक कथा

दुबई इंटरनेशनल एयरपोर्ट  "फ्लाइट  आने में अभी और कितनी देर है ?"उसने अपने आप से पूछा।सिक्योरिटी चेक का कॉल आने पर थोड़ी राहत महसूस हुई।  अचानक ये मुल...
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एक कहानी : तीन किस्से

कहानियां लिखे एक  अरसा बीत गया है. पहले कहानियां  अपने आप दिमाग की फैक्ट्री से बनकर आती और  यहां की बोर्ड पर टाइप हो जातीं। अब फैक्ट्री बंद है और च...
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Diary : A Life Within

"A Journal for Creative Woman who uses the Diary to Write Her Dreams and escapes to a Different Place." So, Here I am back again in blog sphere. The last time when I wrote for a contest was MatrikaS  Scribble You Heart Away Campaign Part 1 and yet again it is MatrikaS that brought me back here.  A mere thought of holding and possessing those elegant diaries was so tempting that...
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